Why Austin Actors Should Take Dustin Hoffman’s Masterclass

What’s an Austin actor to do?

If you are an Austin actor and interested in taking a masterclass with Dustin Hoffman, then you are in luck. There is one such class that came out a few years ago. I took the class whenever it first came out. It’s an awesome class and one Austin actors should consider taking.

It’s The Real Deal

I started acting as a student at The University of Texas and this was the first place I was exposed to a real acting coach. As an Austin actor, I can honestly tell you there are no instructors in the Austin area as good as Dustin Hoffman.

Class Organization

The class is organized in about 30 different videos. They are divided into videos where Hoffman covers need to know information about acting. This information applies to Austin actors as well as actors located in other cities. There are also two different sections of the course where actors get their chance to work through a scene with Hoffman working as the director. They work through the actor’s problems and eventually get to a place where the scene is very real to the audience. They document this for the students who take the class and it’s incredibly helpful.

What You Learn

Austin Actors should take the class. That’s all I have to say about it. If you are an Austin actor or an actor anywhere, then you should take this class. Dustin Hoffman and his class will give you a place to build off of as an actor and a place of reference for when you find yourself losing your way. You can also find a list of credits for films I’ve made on IMDb.